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Connecting You to the Next Era of Oil & Gas Environmentalism

Learn how oil & gas leaders are using Rajant Kinetic Mesh® to enable new technology for more efficient, cleaner, and sustainable operations.

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Explore the innovative ways O&G operations are putting a stop to leaking costs and carbon – and why the right network matters.

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More Efficient Oil & Gas Operations = Reduced Environmental Impact

Site performance and carbon footprint are inextricably linked. In order to meet today’s increased decarbonization demands, particularly in an uncertain market, it is imperative that oil & gas operators have the tools and data to overcome processes inefficiencies & unlock the value of more sustainable exploration and production.

Unfortunately, new efficiency-driving applications demand more bandwidth, reliability, and scalability than most outdated network infrastructure in the field can handle. You need enhanced connectivity to advance operational & environmental initiatives – made possible with Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

  • Deploy & Scale Seamlessly to Support New Applications

    Kinetic Mesh is designed to integrate with & rapidly enhance a diverse array of existing network infrastructure, like adding mobility to LTE or filling coverage gaps in hard-to-network areas. It can also be deployed ad hoc to create connectivity at remote sites where no infrastructure yet exists.

    After initial configuration, the lightweight BreadCrumb® nodes that make up a Kinetic Mesh network will automatically begin communicating with other peers in the area when turned on – simplifying deployment and management.

  • Gain Real-Time Remote Insights for Faster Decision-Making

    As a peer-to-peer network, Kinetic Mesh provides multi-radio, multi-frequency redundancy and is built to function without fail in rugged environments. That means you have a mission-critical network for 24/7/365 monitoring of remote sites, and the high bandwidth to pull streaming video and telemetry from wells and other equipment to immediately identify leaks, inefficiencies, and more.

  • Proactively Prepare for a Sustainable Future

    Having the high-bandwidth capacity to support heavy data volumes and to generate accurate reports, with no data gaps, is essential to gaining the strategic intelligence to achieve future organizational and environmental objectives. This data is also an essential enabler of the energy transition – aiding companies to leverage these insights in pursuing low carbon energy options.

See firsthand how Rajant’s network runs bandwidth-intensive monitoring, analytics, and autonomy applications without fail – advancing the efficiency of assets and enabling more sustainable operations. Click here to schedule a demo.

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Enabling Energy’s Next Era of Environmentalism

Learn why enhanced connectivity is required to power Oil & Gas sustainability initiatives while also optimizing operational efficiency.

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How to Apply Kinetic Mesh® for Cleaner Operations

The Rajant team will show you firsthand how our network will help you identify & abate areas of high emissions within your own operations – including a cost & value analysis.

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Leveraging Advanced Networks for Superior Remote Oil & Gas Operations

Learn how leveraging advanced networks can support secure, efficient remote operations without breaking the bank.

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