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Rajant EquineView™
Livestream Video & Data from Performance Horses, Anywhere They Go

Equine View

Rajant’s EquineView provides a robust and fully mobile wireless networking solution to enable livestreaming and archiving of video, vitals, and locations of horses in competition, at rest, and at work in diverse disciplines.

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Equineview Livestreaming Horse Sports

EquineView enables horse owners, riders, and trainers, as well as equestrian event managers, to take advantage of new technologies like smart sensors and IP-based television broadcasting, giving you real-time, up-close views of horse health and performance: whether covering fast-paced equestrian events, streaming video from the horse’s eye perspective, tracking their whereabouts as they graze, or monitoring their fitness as they work. Explore our solution’s broad applicability below.

Livestream, Televise, or Record from the Horse’s Eye View

Using a small camera with pan, tilt, and roll stabilization mounted to the horse’s bridle, EquineView can enable high-definition video from the horse’s perspective, which can be streamed for live events and/or archived for later review and training purposes.

See how Rajant provided its EquineView technology to broadcast the Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge at Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, CA from the polo ponies’ perspective.

This provides a new and unique point of view to spectators of equestrian events both on-site or watching remotely, helping them to feel part of the action. For example, during a race or polo match, viewers can go online and drill down to their favorite horse to see the competition from their perspective. Riders, owners, and trainers can also watch this footage back after the event to inform future training strategies.

Equineview Live Broadcast Equestrian Events

Rajant’s EquineView technology brought connectivity to Radnor Hunt Races – the 3rd largest steeplechase in the USA, held in rural and hilly Chester County, PA – to enable full video coverage of the races.

Bring Connectivity to Cover Sprawling Equestrian Event Sites

Horse sports often take place in open areas where network infrastructure may not already exist. EquineView leverages Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® private wireless network technology, which can be easily deployed as a standalone solution to instantly bring coverage to remote polo fields, winding steeplechase tracks, miles-long cross country courses, and more.

Now crowds at these events won’t have to miss any of the action, as field tracking cameras can be implemented to video stream horses and riders as they move out of visual sight. The fully mobile network moves with the action without any drops in coverage – even in topographically challenging areas.

Equineview Public Safety Race Events

Rajant’s EquineView solution provided secure, private connections for security cameras used by the Thames Valley Police during the Royal Ascot horse race in England, which draws crowds of more than 70,000 people.

Improve Public Safety at Large Equestrian Events

The video and livestreaming capabilities of EquineView can also be used to enhance the safety and security of attendees at horse races and other large competitions, providing a secure, private connection for security cameras used by police and event staff.

Watch how this saddle pad equipped with Rajant’s DX2 mesh radio provides video feeds and telemetry for real-time views of horses’ vitals and their performance during training.

Measure Horses’ Vitals in Real-Time

Understanding changes in a horse’s heart rate, respiration, and temperature while it is working can help riders and trainers tailor their training program for optimal results. EquineView can be paired with a saddle pad equipped with embedded sensors that measure vitals as well as speed, direction, and other variables. Measurements are delivered via the network for real-time viewing on devices and can be fed into programs that analyze the compiled data. This enables data fusion that delivers a highly accurate view of the horse’s stress levels, fitness, and more, informing new training approaches.

gps tracking of horses

EquineView can be used to track the location and activity patterns of horses outside of training and competition settings.

Track Horses’ Locations in Real-Time

EquineView with GPS and motion sensors can also be used to monitor horses at rest, such as when grazing in large fields that can encompass hundreds or even thousands of acres. This provides peace of mind even when herds are out of sight and allows you to track activity patterns to optimize horse management practices.


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