Kinetic Mesh Technology Enhances Everywhere Productivity (Pt. 3) Industry Examples of Kinetic Mesh in Context

Kinetic Mesh Technology Enhances Everywhere Productivity (Part 3) Industry Examples of Kinetic Mesh in Context

Industry Example Of Kinetic Mesh

Network infrastructure requirements vary largely across industries, but there is growing commonality in their need to deliver mobility and mobile applications in an intelligent, dynamic, yet seamless fashion. The following industry examples show how Rajant Kinetic Mesh® can be applied in multiple vertical markets to overcome mobility-driven connectivity challenges.

Kinetic Mesh in Mining

Mining operations must monitor and manage large fleets of vehicles, equipment and personnel, all remotely dispersed across rugged terrain—and all of which require constant, reliable high-bandwidth connections while on the move. Continuous production and safety mandates call for unwavering availability, with 24x7x365 uptime in all corners of the mine.

Given the mobility of mining equipment and the issues caused by rapidly changing topography, providing this level of wireless coverage in mines can require an inordinate amount of coordination, scale, planning and support infrastructure. As such, flexibility and ease of deployment are paramount.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks can be easily implemented to reliably cover people and assets across all remote mining operations, even in landscapes where no existing cellular, 3G or Wi-Fi infrastructure is available. Hundreds of ruggedized nodes can be deployed across fixed and moving assets to create a resilient wireless mesh capable of any-node to any-node communications.

  • Assure IP traffic uptime with virtually no manual intervention, even in extreme conditions. Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks rapidly adapt to changes in network topology, whether nodes are moved, disabled, or added. If an obstruction is encountered or interference occurs at one node across the mine, InstaMesh® provides smart self-healing functionality by redirecting packets to alternative frequencies in real-time.
  • Continuously monitor high-value equipment, from loader trucks to shovels and pumps. Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology helps mine operators reduce downtime by bringing them the data needed to proactively identify maintenance issues and remotely manage equipment health.
  • Give site workers a remote network that acts like a private network. Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology autonomously optimizes to assure that mining personnel have seamless communications and instant access to critical data and applications, whenever and wherever they need them.

Case-in-Point: Kinetic Mesh Gives Mine-Wide Network an Upgrade—with Zero Downtime

  • The Challenge: A global leader in clean coal solutions urgently needed to upgrade its network to support its growing number of dispatch, operations and equipment health monitoring applications—without disrupting the mine’s 24x7x365 operations.
  • The Solution: Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology was selected for its ability to quickly and reliably connect the mine’s many fixed and moving assets, which included a 1,300-person workforce covering more than 70 square miles. The transition occurred seamlessly, with 165 nodes deployed to reliably support the entire mine’s mission-critical applications.
  • The Results: The migration to this unified network resulted in zero downtime and 100% application availability. Soon after initial deployment, mine operations expanded and an additional 110 BreadCrumb® nodes were deployed, primarily by mine personnel—attesting to the Kinetic Mesh network’s ease of scalability.

Kinetic Mesh in Municipalities

While a mining network must connect extremely large but sparsely built areas, municipalities’ networks need to effectively support the high-traffic volumes inherent in their densely populated cities and towns. The solution must satisfy a wide range of users and applications, all of which are becoming more mobile.

The municipality may have infrastructure in place to support high-speed connectivity, but most lack the technical functionality to provide that same level of connection to workers and constituents on the go. Citizens are expecting communications advances that will make their city ‘smarter’ and allow them to connect anywhere efficiently.

In addition to providing connectivity for productivity, municipal networks must support broad-reaching public safety initiatives. First responders need to have real-time access to emergency data and communications, even while in transit to their scenes. Effective surveillance monitoring is also critical to ensuring the safety of the entire community.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology provides a fully mobile solution which is capable of seamlessly integrating with existing communications infrastructure to support these highly varied users and needs in a self-managed fashion lower cost, maintenance, and complexity while driving economic growth.

  • Optimize existing network investments while adding critical mobile functionality. Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks can fully interoperate with point-to-point, microwave, and even high-speed mesh networks, allowing municipalities to retain their current infrastructure and add to it a powerful mobility solution to address growing mobile demands.
  • Speed emergency response rates and improve situational awareness for public safety. A Rajant Kinetic Mesh network enables police, firefighters, and emergency units to take their data and communications anywhere, for real-time response. The network also enables high-bandwidth data transmission for security and surveillance monitoring.
  • Create new economic opportunities through communication innovation. Rajant Kinetic Mesh enables municipalities to increase the speed and quality of service delivered by their departments to all constituents, to make their ‘smart city’ a draw for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

Case-in-Point: Kinetic Mesh Brings Wireless Access to Philadelphia Folk Festival

  • The Challenge: The Philadelphia Folk Festival needed a way to provide reliable mobile broadband access to staff and 10,000+ event attendees gathered at an 80+ acre campground for its multi-day festival.
  • The Solution: Leveraging Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology, a self-establishing, high-bandwidth wireless network consisting of 14 BreadCrumb nodes was quickly deployed to across the entire festival grounds.
  • The Results: In addition to providing broadband access to festival goers anywhere they traversed throughout the event site, the Rajant network powered the festival’s numerous applications, including ticketing systems, Wi-Fi camera installations, and real-time communications between trailers and among volunteers, management staff, and security.


The evolving communications landscape is prompting organizations across a wide variety of industries to look differently at their networks and how they use them. Simple, static, stationary solutions are no longer viable for those seeking to create and operate in highly productive, mobility-driven environments. Instead, they need a network that is ‘living’—able to easily adapt, smartly optimize, and freely move to meet changing business and connectivity demands.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology is unlike any other network offering in its ability to provide dynamic, smart, productive, and fully mobile private wireless networks made for today’s marketplace. The innovation behind Kinetic Mesh technology enables the network to work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets while delivering the real-time applications they need to enhance productivity, quality of service, and ROI. In modern industrial and public markets where anywhere availability for communications and real-time delivery of business intelligence are critical, this network lives up to demands. 🖉

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