Forming a Mesh Network to Power Industry 4.0 Capabilities in Petrochemical Plants

Forming a Mesh Network to Power Industry 4.0 Capabilities in Petrochemical Plants


As the petrochemical industry prepares to take advantage of new market growth and capitalize on the productivity gains of Industry 4.0 applications, plants require an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabling network more flexible than Wi-Fi networks or two-way radio WAN typically used in such facilities.

The influx of investments in the petrochemical industry has been described by experts as a true “renaissance”. Fueled by abundant raw materials and increasing demand, new petrochemical plants are being established around the world, and existing plants are quickly expanding to capitalize on the recent market growth.

As the industry grows, however, so does competition. Today, leading petrochemical plants are searching for ways to rapidly optimize their production in order to get ahead while maintaining and even increasing safety in all aspects of the chemical production process.

Industry 4.0 Revolutionizes Petrochemical Plant Productivity and Safety

Industry 4.0 technologies—such as augmented reality (AR), autonomous robots, real-time equipment analytics, and more—have emerged as a next-gen solution that satisfies plant’s need for enhanced productivity as well as mitigates the constant concern for personnel safety. These advanced applications need full Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity in order to function; this is a requirement that Wi-Fi and two-way radio WAN cannot fulfill.

Instead, your petrochemical plant needs the flexibility, reliability, and broadband scalability of IIoT, enabling you to remain competitive by dynamically connecting the people, assets, and devices that comprise every aspect of your current and future operations.

Top IIoT Challenges In Petrochemical Plants

While it is clear IIoT is a critical part of establishing Industry 4.0 capabilities plant-wide, deploying a network to support these kinds of connectivity demands in your dynamic and inherently hazardous environment can be difficult. In the petrochemical industry, balancing facility and production growth with employee safety is paramount, but your network must keep up with demands to…

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