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Improving the World One BreadCrumb at a Time

It’s that time of year when we connect with our families and loved ones, reflecting on the year and asking ourselves, what’s next?

At Rajant, we believe introspection is important. We want to ensure we’re having the impact we want while staying true to our mission: establishing strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Our technology is how we accomplish that mission.

Technology brings us together by connecting us—no matter how far apart we are physically. It breaks down silos, helps ideas and communications flow freely, and empowers people to collaborate and achieve far more together than they can alone.

We’re globally known for our powerful mesh technology that keeps mission-critical operations moving. Not only do we help businesses improve their bottom line, we help improve working conditions to ensure the employees who power our infrastructure return home safely to their families at the end of the day.

During this holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to go beyond the nodes and signals to unpack what matters most about our technology: connectivity, safety, and security.

Technology’s Real-World Impact

Our philosophy is simple: Technology is successful when it makes a positive impact. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do here at Rajant. We’re pioneers of Kinetic Mesh® networks, which have had a real, demonstrable, positive impact on the world. Our technology helps employees stay safe on the job. We keep people connected—even in conditions when connectivity is a challenge.

We’re humbled to offer award-winning products that make a difference. This year, we were named a winner of Security Today’s 2022 Govies, an award given to outstanding government security products. Our Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb technology was named the Gold recipient for Intelligent Communications, just as government security concerns took the limelight. Security Today also awarded us with the prestigious New Product of the Year award, decided upon a panel of industry experts across 47 product categories.

More recently, American Security Today presented us with three ASTORS awards. Our Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb was named the Best New Intelligent Communication Product of the Year and Best Wireless Video Surveillance Network Solution, and Rajant Corporation won the Leadership and Innovation award.

These awards are an honor and a testament to the importance of what we do here.

We know what we’re doing makes a positive impact on the world we share, and there’s no better feeling than that.

Our Products In the Field

Earlier this year, our Sales Director, Todd Rigby, wrote about the industries where mesh networks are improving processes and connectivity. This is where technology meets the “real world” applications of mining, agriculture, warehouses, and natural disasters.


We partnered with FTP Solutions, the leader in providing businesses with greater operational intelligence, to advance autonomous mining. Through this partnership, we’re equipped to assist the more than 270 mines deployed worldwide for FTP Solutions.

This means a safer environment for miners globally, as we help power the foundation for robots to do the dangerous work—all while miners oversee operations from a secure location. We no longer need to send in canaries—and, in many cases, miners—to the coal mines. We can rely on technology, including proximity detection, fatigue management, and tele-remote drilling, to ensure more miners return home safely after their shifts.


Through our technology, we’re helping ensure food is on the table for families during this holiday season and beyond.

We power precision farming through our mesh networks, pairing hard-working farmers with technology that helps them make sure the season’s bounty is plentiful. This technology not only helps streamline the farming process between devices and humans; it also helps to improve irrigation to make sure the crops get what they need to flourish.

The ability to digitally track yield metrics helps keep farmers on top of any problems or gaps in crops. For example, through E-Silos, farmers can easily track when crops were harvested, how much of each was harvested, and even the temperature of the silos to ensure all is running as needed to protect the yield.

Even better, this efficiency, combined with autonomous irrigation systems, could save 70% more water than traditional irrigation systems, helping address the global water crisis by wasting less water.


Warehouses can be dangerous, but technology can help.

Typically, warehouses are packed with hazards, such as heavy equipment, as well as barriers that make communication difficult—even in crisis situations.

Our mesh technology gives warehouse workers a safer environment. Our BreadCrumb® Wireless Network Nodes enable voice, video, and data communications without interruption—even in environments where barriers and interference exist. This technology equips staff with unmatched visibility into the devices and equipment warehouses rely on, which makes it easier to see when devices need repairing before they result in accidents or equipment failure.

Natural Disasters

Although natural disasters are not always preventable, our technology can help mitigate their damage, and emergency crews navigate their aftermath.

From forest fires to hurricanes, mesh technology can equip emergency crews with monitoring tools that other technologies can’t match. Remote devices can be placed in woods to keep a watchful eye on the environment, alerting emergency crews before fires have a chance to spread. With 234 million acres across the U.S. serving as a brewing ground for fires, this visibility can make all the difference between a small, combatable fire and a disaster.

Connectivity is critical, whether it’s planting devices for visibility or ensuring people can communicate during natural disasters.

Where We’re Headed

As we enter the new year, our mission is to continue fulfilling our purpose: to deliver the most robust mesh technology allowing wireless networks to be fully mobile and mobility-enabled while operating in even the most demanding environments in industrial markets worldwide.

In the new year, we’ll continue challenging ourselves to identify problems we can solve through technology. In short, we’ll be working toward more connections—with people, with communities, with technology—to make the world a better place—one BreadCrumb at a time.