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Industrial Wi-Fi Delivered by
Rajant Kinetic Mesh®

While facilities like factories, warehouses, and indoor farms operate indoors, they are very much industrial environments. Run your next-gen applications without data loss, lag, or downtime with a network purpose-built to power 24/7 operations.

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Overcome Coverage, Resiliency, and Mobility Challenges of Traditional Enterprise Wi-Fi

Kinetic Mesh: Because Not All Industrial Wi-Fi is Created Equal

As indoor industrial operations become more automated and autonomous, the shortcomings of typical enterprise Wi-Fi become clear. You’re dealing with heavy equipment, variable operating temperatures, mission-critical processes, and fleets of moving assets which require constant network access, no matter where they go. Only an industrial-strength solution can keep up.

enabling machine-to-machine m2m communications

Pictured above: M2M communications provide continuous wireless connectivity throughout an indoor industrial application while improving efficiency, reducing expenses, and eliminating dead spots.

While some Wi-Fi solutions claim to be industrial-grade, they still operate from fixed infrastructure, have single points of failure, and rely on line-of-sight. Rajant Kinetic Mesh is different, and stands above the rest to deliver Industrial Wi-Fi mesh with:

Built-In Redundancy for Ultra Reliability

Rajant BreadCrumb® nodes form a peer-to-peer network and can hold multiple connections simultaneously, over multiple frequencies. All nodes are equipped with InstaMesh® networking software, which dynamically orchestrates traffic and will instantly redirect packets over the next-best available link if a path becomes blocked. By automatically self-healing, it ensures no data is dropped.

BreadCrumbs are also built to perform reliably in settings with large temperature swings as well as in hazardous locations.

Instead of piggybacking off fixed infrastructure, BreadCrumb-equipped machines and people can communicate directly. Even in the most challenging environments of extreme temperatures, RF congestion, and physical obstacles, Rajant is the only wireless mesh network to enable M2M data, voice, and video communications, providing a robust solution to connect your warehouse assets, everywhere they roam, using minimal infrastructure.

M2M Communications & Extended Wi-Fi Range

Industrial indoor environments are rife with dense infrastructure and obstructions that can limit wireless range. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh industrial Wi-Fi overcomes this by enabling M2M communications to extend coverage around and between such obstacles. Rajant’s nodes can be deployed onto moving machines and equipment, creating a fully mobile, ubiquitous network that fills in the dead spots of connectivity.

m2m connectivity for warehouse automation

Agile, Fully Mobile Coverage without Fail

The multi-radio, multi-frequency redundancy of Rajant Kinetic Mesh enables it to deliver ‘never-break’ wireless communications. If a path to a mobile asset becomes unavailable due to signal blockage or interference, it will redirect communications over the next-best available path(s) or frequencies in these redundant links. It does this autonomously, without outside intervention, so there is no lag or drops in coverage experienced by the asset.

indoor farming image

The result is a highly flexible, ever-moving mesh of connections, made possible without adding extensive infrastructure.

Don’t let your network slow down your essential operations. Schedule a demo to see how Industrial Wi-Fi, delivered by Kinetic Mesh, can support your real-time applications with mission-critical reliability.