Introducing BC|Assurance and an Opportunity to Ensure Peak Efficiency of Your Mesh Network

Introducing BC|Assurance and an Opportunity to Ensure Peak Efficiency of Your Mesh Network

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BC|Assurance is an advanced technical support offering that provides you with information to assess and monitor the health of your mesh network and keep your mesh running smoothly. The program provides access to Rajant technical experts to assist in identifying and addressing network performance issues before they impact your operations.

All networks experience gradual change over time. Many times, these changes cause the network to diverge from the original design and have a negative impact on overall performance. This phenomenon is known as Network Drift and can have many different causes. Changes to geographical topology, RF interference, additions of new equipment, application updates, inconsistent configuration, and general outdoor wear and tear can all cause network performance to slowly degrade over time.

Although our patented InstaMesh® technology can automatically handle a great deal of change in the network, this can hide the existence of Network Drift even on a well-designed Kinetic Mesh® network until the changes are so great that they become suddenly noticeable and impact operations. BC|Assurance was developed to help our users understand and track these gradual changes. By understanding the changes as they occur, BC|Assurance can provide proactive solutions to keep your Kinetic Mesh network operating at peak efficiency, before your operations are impacted.

BC|Assurance includes:

  • Kinetic Mesh Snapshot Summary (KMSS): Analytic information gathered from a mesh snapshot containing key elements related to Kinetic Mesh health.
  • Kinetic Mesh Detailed Report (KMDR): A comprehensive version of a KMSS with additional information and action items authored, categorized, and prioritized by Rajant experts that addresses potential network performance or degradation issues.
  • Hourly Support: Access to Rajant engineers who are able to diagnose and help resolve Kinetic Mesh issues remotely.

With this combination of RF, networking, setting, and hardware analysis, Rajant can provide robust, overall network health analysis through BC|Assurance: a smart network monitoring and preventative maintenance solution.🖉