Optimize Your Oil Operations:
Add the Power of InstaMesh® to Your Existing Infrastructure

Always focused on production optimization, oil & gas operators are looking to implement new SCADA, remote monitoring, and video surveillance applications to better monitor and manage their vast oilfields. But with limited nearby infrastructure, connecting these applications can be an issue due to the associated costs for tower constructions to support typical PtP or PtMP fixed technologies.

Enter the KM3 BreadCrumb. This compact wireless node is intended for deployment inside pre-existing outdoor NEMA enclosures, with flexible DIN Rail mounting to make deployments even easier and faster – no towers needed.

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Why choose the KM3 BreadCrumb for your oilfield?

The KM3 is a non-ruggedized version of our BreadCrumb ME4, providing all of the same performance, capabilities, and features but without the IP67 housing.

Provides High Bandwidth

Ideal for SCADA, remote monitoring, and video surveillance applications for which real-time, reliable data access is critical.

Includes InstaMesh®

Enables the network to quickly adapt to rapidly-deployed and quickly or constantly-moving network elements.

Broad Operating Temperatures

Performs at operating temperatures from -20°C to +80°C.

Flexible DIN Rail Mounting

Includes integrated mounting bracket for DIN-Rail mounting system (Top Hat configuration).

Oil Optimized Resource Center

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networks for Oil & Gas

Power the Next Level of Productivity and Profitability in Oil & Gas Operations

Learn how you can rapidly deploy the ONLY fully mobile private wireless network solution to make the paradigm shift away from traditionally manual, disintegrated oil & gas processes.

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Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network Benefits for Oil & Gas Infographic

Don’t Let Oil & Gas Market Swings Keep Your Operations Over a Barrel

What happens when you enable real-time data capture in the field, and instant access to that field intelligence? Check out our infographic to see the difference and the results.

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Rajant BreadCrumb KM3 Spec Sheet

Why pay for a hardened, ruggedized enclosure that you already own? With our new KM3 BreadCrumb, you won’t have to. Download our spec sheet to see why the KM3 provides a flexibly deployable wireless solution to add to your existing infrastructure.

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Discover how the KM3 will rapidly create a Kinetic Mesh® network for reliable, real-time oilfield data access from anywhere.

Rajant’s experts will show you how a Kinetic Mesh network activates the crucial link between your business-critical oilfield assets, your people, and your command center – enabling real-time monitoring and management that ensures continuous operations and cost containment for ROI gains.