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Lessons We Learned During the SOAR Summit

Robert (Bob) Schena, Rajant’s Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, recently addressed attendees of the 2022 SOAR (Saving Our Appalachian Region) Summit. This event highlights the issues specific to thirteen states and 206,000 square miles of the United States, from southern New York to northern Mississippi.

The SOAR Summit is an event that Rajant is passionate about, given our roots in eastern Kentucky. We depend on our Morehead, Kentucky facility to help us power the production of products and services with better capabilities. We recently grew our Morehead operations in September 2021, moving from a 9,600-square-foot facility to a 48,000-square-foot facility. Not only has this helped improve our offerings, it’s helped us do our part to revitalize an often-overlooked sector of talent that exists in rural eastern Kentucky. Bob’s keynote shines a bright spotlight on some of the best features of eastern Kentucky—features we can all learn from, and that will drive what we do at Rajant as we move into the new year.

1. Adaptability and flexibility are critical

The people of eastern Kentucky are no strangers to navigating events that require an adaptable, flexible approach.

When the COVID pandemic consumed the headlines, Rajant’s Morehead staff demonstrated mastery to adapt and flex. While many businesses were forced to shut down, our community in eastern Kentucky helped us power through the pandemic, continuing to manufacture wireless networking for customers worldwide. Some of the most vital equipment was handed off to the US military to keep our soldiers safe. So while COVID was hitting hard, our colleagues in Kentucky were hitting harder, continuing to make a positive difference in the world.

These Kentuckians taught us that anything is possible through connectivity, adaptability, and innovation—even navigating an unpredictable pandemic.

2. The next generation is key to success—and they’re more than capable.

Our Morehead facility would not be possible without Appalachia’s young, brilliant minds.

These positive, forward-thinking, intelligent individuals have already lived through so much—yet they continue to work hard, innovate, and share their ideas. Our society benefits from those ideas just as much as we do at Rajant. They make us better and help us continue to be future-proof.

3. The people in eastern Kentucky are always ready to lend a hand.

The best part about the communities in eastern Kentucky is just that—they’re communities.

During natural disasters, pandemics, or tough times, they band together to help their neighbors. There are no strangers, just volunteers ready to pitch in and lend a hand. People are stronger together, and these communities have mastered the concept of togetherness—working together as one to make it through tough times.

These are just three of the many reasons why Rajant sponsored and advocated at SOAR’s Summit. Appalachians, through their resilience, hard work, and sense of community, have exactly what it takes to power the businesses of today and tomorrow. We’re grateful to continue growing our Morehead facility and our partnership with SOAR to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Appalachia. Moreover, we encourage other organizations to invest and capitalize within the region to discover these features for themselves.

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