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Making Up for Lost Time: Trade Shows in 2023

The global pandemic we faced was humbling. For over a year, we missed out on the connectedness that togetherness brings. We missed out on events designed to connect us to our partners and our friends in the industry. We missed out on opportunities to collaborate with and learn from one another. Most importantly, it made us realize what we were missing: human connections.

That one-to-one interaction with our partners and others in the industries we serve is what we’ve missed the most—and it’s why we’re eager to attend and support as many events as we can this year.

Upcoming Events

We’ve got nearly 30 upcoming industry events we’ve committed to attending this year, and the list continues to grow. We couldn’t be more excited to participate in them all. Here are a few events where you can expect to see Rajant in 2023.

February 13-15: The Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS)

With 32,000+ attendees, 2,000+ delegates, 500+ exhibitors, and 260+ speakers, the Egypt Petroleum Show promises to be a lively event with great networking opportunities.

We’re thrilled about this event, as Rajant is a leader in the oil and gas industry. Our Kinetic Mesh® technology ensures that workers in this industry can optimize production efficiency while minimizing expenses. Our networks enable communications for our oil and gas partners to gather real-time field intelligence and achieve new levels of operational integration regardless of market conditions.

Al Rivero, our VP of Sales – Global Energy, is proud to attend this event on our behalf. He offers the following remarks on the importance of in-person trade shows:

“I am a firm believer in physical presence. Digital marketing emails and efforts only capture so much of the target audience. Our team has been successful with trade shows because we spend time harvesting attendee lists and rescheduling appointments. Once at the event, we work with the prescheduled appointments and fill in around them.

Rajant isn’t a household name in certain industries and market areas. Being present and showing who we are are what sells. It’s very interesting watching people’s faces when you start explaining Rajant capabilities and competitive advantages., They just light up. To build brand equity, you have to participate and be engaged. That’s when the good leads come, and people proactively call us now.”

You can book time with Al here.

March 14-18: ConExpo

We’re excited for ConExpo—and not just because it’s in sunny Las Vegas. This year’s event will host 1,800+ exhibitors and 175+ educational sessions to speak to all things construction, from materials to equipment used.

Construction is another industry where the Rajant Kinetic Mesh offering shines. Our redundant and reliable technology helps construction workers overcome coverage and connectivity issues to achieve a truly connected jobsite.

Rob Castillo, who works in Military and Government Sales at Rajant, notes some of his favorite highlights from events like ConExpo.

“Being together with partners and new faces alike gives us a chance to have authentic, meaningful interactions. We can get real-time feedback from attendees that helps u solve some of their most challenging problems. Plus, trade shows like ConExpo allow us the opportunity to show what we’re all about at Rajant—and the global impact our products have had for over twenty years.

The interaction between other companies and us at trade shows is hard to capture in virtual spaces. We’ve fused together several partnerships at these events, which is telling of the power of togetherness. The global problems industries face can only be solved if we join forces as vendors to solve them—and trade shows provide the platform to do just that.”

March 20-23: Promat

In March, we’re heading to Chicago to join 1,000 of the world’s leading supply chain solution providers to attend a few of the 150 educational seminars that will take place at Promat.

Through our products, we ensure that supply chain operations are as seamless and stress-free as possible. Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless networks are built to be intelligent, self-optimizing, and able to support machine-to-machine operations on the move: all factors that significantly increase the efficiency of supply chain operations.

Director of Sales, Todd Rigby, summarizes the value that trade shows bring—both for our partners and us:

“Trade shows are the single best way for Rajant to get in-person, one-on-one with the most people in the shortest amount of time.

This face time with partners allows Rajant to learn firsthand details of their specific challenges and communicate our unique competitive advantages.

Having many industrial subject matter experts within Rajant is a competitive advantage that shines at trade events because they are almost always focused on a specific industry.  Customers want to know that their vendors understand them and their unique challenges.”

You can book time with Todd here.

June 13-15: TOC Europe

TOC Europe is a trade show built for port and cargo supply chain professionals. Happening in Rotterdam, this year’s event touts 4,000+ professionals and 200+ exhibitors from 60+ countries.

At Rajant, we’re passionate about port operations. We built our wireless networks to be mobile-enabled with robust capabilities. In turn, this enables them to fully capitalize on the opportunities of industrial IoT because the network is the asset—enabling full mobility and autonomy. Through our BreadCrumb® nodes, port assets—from vehicles to drones—serve as network nodes, enabling more reliable communications.

We’re eager to meet and speak with other professionals passionate about port operations. Steven Griggs, Rajant VP of Sales Engineering, sums up our sentiments:

“Trade shows are important because they allow for a couple of things. First, Rajant sales directors and sales engineers are out amongst the targeted customer base and get to speak directly to them to answer questions about Rajant’s technology, while understanding the problems they are attempting to solve. Second, we get the chance to share booths with our resellers and display a united front with our technology partners, so Rajant isn’t just a network, we are network providers bringing applications to life.

 Trade shows are important because they allow the Rajant’s ecosystem of IIoT problem-solvers the opportunities to find new and innovative partners to team up with and strengthen our presence and capabilities in various markets.”

September 12-15: DSEI

DSEI invites governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders, and the entire defense and security supply chain to network, do business and learn. In short, this event focuses on the global military community—an area we’re laser-focused on at Rajant.

Military and defense personnel rely on our technology to establish and maintain broadband connectivity, even in the harshest environments. In fact, we first built our Kinetic Mesh wireless networks to cater to the needs of military and defense operations. It will be twenty years of serving our frontline military this year. Reliable connectivity is vital in defense operations, and our technology enables the ruggedized, robust, and resilient connectivity these operations demand.


We’re thrilled to be back on the road and know this year’s events will be unforgettable.

You can see a complete list of events the Rajant team will attend on our website.