Rajant Wireless Mesh Networks for Heavy Construction Sites

The Adaptable Network to Optimize Site Modeling & Maximize Productivity

Base stations, GPS-guided machines, and other advanced heavy construction applications require reliable network connectivity to run effectively, which traditional serial radios, Wi-Fi, and even LTE simply cannot provide. Rajant Kinetic Mesh provides a better, mission-critical network alternative.

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Our private wireless network is easily deployable and rapidly scalable to expand base station range in any direction, while enabling new applications to improve worker communications, reduce survey time, minimize machine wear and tear, increase jobsite security, improve productivity, and more.

extend base station range

Extend Base Station Range in Any Direction, Simplify Site Modeling

Heavy construction machinery equipped for GPS guidance depend on exacting 3D survey models to maintain strict tolerances. However, since each base station operates in its own survey grid, individual 3D models must be stitched together and reconciled – involving extra labor for surveyors and model builders. Reconciliation errors expose companies to profit loss and liability if the finished product doesn’t meet contract specifications.

By deploying Rajant BreadCrumb® nodes at each base station, construction sites can easily extend the range of transmitting GPS corrections. By adding occasional network infrastructure nodes, the base station’s range can be extended over many miles. This is done without complicated configuration or IT staff on site. Kinetic Mesh performs reliably even in areas with varied topography like rolling hills or dense foliage because BreadCrumbs autonomously manage data routing around obstructions and local interference.

Heavy Construction Network Diagram

Enable New Applications to Progress Jobs Faster, with Lower Cost

Kinetic Mesh provides the resilient, high-capacity, mission-critical coverage heavy construction operators need to not only optimize site modeling, but enable a plethora of new efficiency-enhancing applications as well. The network can be used for telemetry enabling real-time equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance, or to remotely upload and download machine guidance models to field equipment.

Video monitoring is also becoming a key component to ensuring both jobsite safety and security. Rajant’s low latency, high bandwidth network provides the capacity to easily stream real-time video from remote sections of the site to either the jobsite office or a corporate office (provided there is broadband connection on site) that wants to maintain oversight of job progress remotely. You’ll gain a clear picture to readily react to everything happening at the site: from ensuring workers are complying with OSHA regulations to heading off security breaches, equipment theft, and site vandalism.

Additionally, Access Point mode can be enabled on any BreadCrumb, fixed or mobile, on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This enables tools like Rovers, Smartphones, tablets and laptops to be used on-site to improve safety, worker productivity, and communications.

These are just a few of the heavy construction applications that can be fully supported by Kinetic Mesh.

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