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High-Performance Mobile Connectivity When Agility Matters Most Kinetic Mesh®Wireless Solutions For Sports

Rajant’s ultra-resilient, self-optimizing network is the only wireless solution with the speed and mobility to connect and cover extreme sports in virtually any outdoor environment.

Let’s Connect

Watch how Rajant and its partners ScanRF and Duxbury Networking used Kinetic Mesh to power true wireless mobility for seamless video streaming in a race-prepared Ferrari F430 Challenge at speeds in access of 125 MPH.

Action sports often take place over expansive and extreme terrain, from high altitude skiing to long-distance biking to events in the air and in water. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® is an ideal choice to enable real-time communications, live streaming, and applications that support optimal event management across any of these settings, as it is easily deployed ad hoc in areas with or without existing infrastructure already in place.

See how the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch used Rajant Kinetic Mesh to enable seamless live streaming video from an action POV camera equipped on a race car traveling at speeds up to 135 mph.

Readily Enable Cost-Effective Live Streaming

Whether extreme sport or another large scale event, Rajant Kinetic Mesh enables live streaming video for judging, enhanced spectating, and remote viewing. The cost of traditional network broadcast can be cost-prohibitive, but Rajant provides deployment ease and versatility to create a complete network when and where you need it, without extensive time or technical resources.

What’s more, because the network’s BreadCrumb® nodes work peer-to-peer and can hold multiple connections simultaneously, Kinetic Mesh has the high capacity to easily support bandwidth-intensive video streaming with reliable performance. Dynamic visuals and real-time updates can be shared with a wide array of audiences, from event attendees to home viewers, without lags in the video stream speed or quality.

Rajant supported South Africa’s famous Tankwa Trek ‐ a 4-day, multi-stage mountain bike race ‐ by enabling a live video stream from a GoPro-equipped pace bike along an 8km route in the mountains where the TV helicopters could not reach.

Extreme Network Mobility to Keep Pace with All the Action

The robust and redundant links formed by Rajant BreadCrumbs are used by Rajant’s InstaMesh networking protocol to orchestrate traffic, selecting the fastest path(s) for delivery. If a path becomes unavailable due to signal blockage from rough terrain, interference, or other issues, InstaMesh will instantly route communications via the next-best available path(s) and/or frequency. It does this autonomously and without outside intervention, maintaining fault-tolerant performance even as network elements move.

nfl headsets radio communications

Did You Know?

Headsets you see NFL coaches wearing during football games—and the wireless signal they rely on—are born from aviation and military technology. That’s where Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh for action sports comes in. Read the’s Tim Gideon interview and Rajant’s play in National Football League (NFL) game-day audio communications.

Rajant is featured in the section “Beyond the Headset: The Rest of the Signal Chain”.

Compact, lightweight BreadCrumbs can be deployed directly on competitors’ equipment to enable sensor monitoring, communications, and video streaming from their point of view. This also supports event management and competitor and spectator safety initiatives, as their locations and status can be tracked in real-time, even over long distances.

See how the 2020 Aspen Open provided the perfect showcase to demonstrate the versatility of Rajant Kinetic Mesh, which was used to support live video feeds of competitors’ runs for accurate judging.