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RAJANT KINETIC MESH® FOR THEME PARKS & EVENTS The Network to Control Safety & Enhance the Guest Experience

Amusement parks and large-scale events must satisfy operational safety, efficiency, and control imperatives while also delivering a top-tier guest experience. Rajant’s wireless network supports all these needs with fully mobile park-wide mesh connectivity and Wi-Fi enablement.


Kinetic Mesh is an enterprise-grade private wireless network solution that is easily deployable and rapidly scalable to cover sprawling amusement park and outdoor event environments with high-performance, ultra-resilient video, voice, and data communications. With Rajant, park employees and event staff can stay constantly connected to each other to coordinate ride control, crowd control, maintenance tasks, and ensure guest safety.

wireless networks for amusement parks

Reliably Run Multiple Applications for Control, Safety & Security

Kinetic Mesh is comprised of lightweight, compact BreadCrumb® nodes which work peer-to-peer to hold multiple connections simultaneously. This creates high capacity to support multiple bandwidth-intensive applications with ease. Park operations can easily access real-time data from machines and from live camera feeds to enable equipment health monitoring, predictive maintenance, and situational awareness. Large outdoor events can enable CCTV and camera-equipped drones to stream live video feeds for both situational awareness and real-time event coverage. Guest safety and security infractions can be quickly identified and averted, and personnel deployed to handle these situations can maintain communications with central command and each other as they move throughout the grounds.

Rajant is able to maintain reliable fully mobile performance because InstaMesh®, the networking software in every BreadCrumb, autonomously manages data routing around obstructions and local interference. If faced with signal blockage, from a ride’s metal infrastructure for example, the network will instantly re-route communications via the next-best available path(s) without drops or delays.

Kinetic Mesh is also unlike other open access points when it comes to security. It provides Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) to allow you to control security keys and how users are authorized. You can provide user keys at different levels for various roles, such as for event security, drones and robotics operators, ride operators, broadcasters, and more.

wireless wi-fi for outdoor events

Connect Guests via Wi-Fi to a Great Experience

With Rajant, guests have reliable network coverage to use their own devices in certain areas as they roam throughout the park or event grounds. Access Point mode can be enabled on any BreadCrumb to create Wi-Fi hot spots throughout your grounds. The nodes operate on standards-based frequencies and their integrated Wi-Fi service is compatible with a multitude of smartphones and other IP devices. Because Rajant is a private wireless network, you won’t have to worry about outside devices accessing the network and slowing down speeds. With only your guests’ devices connected, you can maintain the necessary upload speed demanded by today’s customers for real-time social sharing, live streaming, and more.

Providing Wi-Fi to park guests not only meets their expectations to stay continually connected, wherever they are – it also gives you opportunities to enhance their experience to build satisfaction and loyalty. You can offer guests apps to more easily navigate park or event attractions, provide line wait times so they can better plan their day, and allow them to geo-tag themselves in posts that give free publicity to your park or event.