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Industrial Security September 21, 2020  |  Written by

The Network Powering Multiple Lines of Defense Against Security Compromise

Security is paramount for every industry, and especially those managing sprawling environments. From industrial work zones to college campuses, both physical and data security are key to ensuring the safety of people, the safeguarding of equipment, and the protection of valued information. With operations rapidly digitalizing, and the potential for hacks and breaches rising, proactive 24/7 security monitoring across operations is necessary. Enter Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

Rajant’s private wireless network is empowering those charged with industrial security to gain comprehensive, real-time situational awareness across their entire environment – keeping people safe and systems secured. That is because Kinetic Mesh includes the military-grade cryptographic solutions for end-to-end information assurance across the network, while at the same time enables next-gen security applications themselves – including surveillance drones, inspection bots, guarding robots, and more – by providing resilient, continuous communication links over which to gather and output real-time data.

Secure, Nonstop Data Flow to Protect Today’s Mobile, Information-Based Corporate Assets

Connected devices and people all generate data, which, if carried through a secure and reliable communication network, can fortify monitoring, situational awareness, security management, and rapid response. As the use of air, land, and sea robots to supplement security workforces increases, secure data-sharing and device cross-communication becomes even more critical. These assets are highly mobile and demand continuous high-capacity links over which to transmit audio, video, and sensor data. If there are drops in connectivity or systems cannot talk to each other, important information can be missed and security or safety breaches can happen.

Rajant’s technology uniquely supports all aspects of the industrial security equation, from powering physical security assets to protecting the sensitive data they hold. Here’s how.

Extreme Reliability to Power Real-time Security Applications

Kinetic Mesh employs any-node-to-any-node communications to ensure no single point of failure and extreme reliability, as BreadCrumb® nodes can hold multiple connections over multiple frequencies simultaneously. The network is infused with the intelligence of Rajant’s InstaMesh® networking protocol which seamlessly links fixed, wireless, and mobile nodes together. It continually works to select the fastest path for delivery among the meshed connections, and will dynamically redirect traffic to the next-best available path(s) if any one peer is compromised or obstructed. Multi-radio, multi-frequency redundancy creates ‘never-break’ coverage even in hard-to-network settings, providing for continuous data flow to, from, and between the infrastructure and assets performing security-related operations.

Total Mobility for Assets Securing Operations by Land, Air, and Sea

Because every BreadCrumb node can be fixed or mobile, they can be deployed directly on robotics used for security and safety operations. From aerial drones surveilling large-scale environments, to patrol robots guarding desolate perimeters, to bots performing highly targeted tasks like lock inspections, these assets can take resilient connectivity with them wherever they go.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications to Orchestrate Actions

Rajant is the only network that enables physical assets to communicate directly with each other. Any BreadCrumb-equipped machines can share data directly and in turn coordinate tasks to proactively enhance security or safety, or respond rapidly to breaches…

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