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Machine-to-Machine Communications to Empower Supply Chain Autonomy

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® networks help autonomous supply chain systems maintain the continuous mobile connectivity needed every day.

With a Rajant Kinetic Mesh network, supply chain operations become smarter, more autonomous, and more mobile because the network itself is intelligent, self-optimizing, and uniquely able to support machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

See how Rajant Kinetic Mesh powers the supply chain firsthand during MODEX 2022 in Atlanta. Our team will be on hand to demonstrate the comprehensive solutions Rajant provides for automating complex processes and ensuring warehouse-wide, mission-critical coverage. Visit us from March 28-31.
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See how Rajant’s products and partnerships with leading solution providers for supply chain communications can streamline the path to improved operational efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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Rajant Showcases Machine-to-Machine Communications to Empower Supply Chain Autonomy at MODEX


Robotics of Tomorrow: The Right Network for Warehouse Peak Efficiency

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The Dilemma of Warehouse Automation


How Machine-to-Machine Communication is Transforming Warehousing

Dilemma of Warehouse Automation: Differences Between Wi-Fi & Rajant Kinetic Mesh®

Within today’s increasingly complex automated warehouse and manufacturing environment, a lot of current issues are centered around communications. Many sets of racks, steel structures, and moving parts throughout the warehouse mean that network interference and blockages are common. This whitepaper explores the challenges of warehouse connectivity and compares a standard traditional Wi-Fi network to a Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network in terms of coverage, capability, and stability specifically in a warehouse environment.


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The Autonomous M2M Network Made to Advance Warehouse Automation

Busy warehouses today must operate at peak efficiency in order to keep up with growing customer demands, increase profitability, and mitigate supply chain slowdowns. To optimize workflows and drive higher levels of throughput, many manufacturers are turning to robotics and automation, which are proving to have transformative impact on warehouse operations. Read our informative brochure to see why Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networks are able to better optimize automated processes and enhance inventory flow.

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