Rajant Honors Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors with Veterans Day Philanthropy - Rajant Corporation

Rajant Honors Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors with Veterans Day Philanthropy

Rajant Corporation,  the exclusive provider of industry-leading Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, will host its seventh annual Veterans Day remembrance in support of Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors at Rajant’s headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania this evening from 5 PM – 8 PM.

During the event, Rajant co-founder and CEO, Robert Schena, will present a $20,000 donation to Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc., an independent, statewide nonprofit organization through which 95 percent of all donations go directly to veterans in need of financial support and their families. The gift comes from a $13,000 contribution from Rajant in the name of the company’s annual golf tournament winners and a $7,000 contribution from Rajant manufacturing partner EFE.

“As I convey each year,” Robert Schena shares, “selflessly serving to protect our country’s freedom is a soldier’s duty and sacrificial gift to all U.S. citizens. With admiration and gratefulness, Rajant values the opportunity to honor our veterans and acknowledge their service. This is our seventh year hosting the celebration. We look forward to continually honoring veterans, especially here within our home state of Pennsylvania as Rajant has a profound respect for the work Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors does within our community.”

Additionally, Schena will present a $5,000 donation to No Dog Gets Left Behind (NDGLB), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Philadelphia (PA) that provides financial support to reunite active U.S. military personnel in the U.S. with their rescued warzone canines. The donation will cover vaccines, medical treatment, and transportation to Nevada for “Ginger”, a canine found/owned by a U.S. Air Force Captain stationed in Afghanistan. To date, NDGLB has funded over 80+ soldier/dog reunions.

The event will include music by City Rhythm and catering from Drexelbrook.