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Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit for Boston Dynamics
Enabling Continuous Mobile M2M Connectivity Anywhere

Autonomous systems and robotics are becoming operational necessities. Robots, like Boston Dynamics’ Spot, are being used more and more for working in environments that might not be suitable for humans. To keep Spot going anywhere, any time, and under any condition, Rajant enables continuous on-the-move connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. 

Keeping people away from hazards, harsh conditions, and tedious routines is why Boston Dynamics uses Rajant Kinetic® Mesh wireless networking. Adding a Rajant BreadCrumb® ES1 to Spot’s payload makes deploying Spot quick and easy with no network infrastructure required.

The Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit for Boston Dynamics ships with a Rajant ES1 radio mounted on Spot and three standalone Kinetic Mesh radios; these radios are pre-configured to sync together out of the box with ease of deployment. 

Place the radios around your site in the areas Spot will be working, and Spot will be able to navigate the site effectively with full connectivity. Whether in remote places, underground, inside, or confronted with physical obstructions or RF interference, the Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit provides a secure and reliable site-wide network, offering coverage of up to 200,000 square feet.

A Boston Dynamics Spot with a Rajant BreadCrumb ES1

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