Rajant Offers New Lifetime Software Updates

Rajant Offers New Lifetime Software Updates

Our partners spoke. We listened.

Rajant has addressed voice-of-the-customer feedback regarding our Annual Software Maintenance Plan and, as a result, has developed a new improved plan.

Starting on September 1, 2019, Rajant began accepting orders for Lifetime Software Updates. With this new plan, each new BreadCrumb purchase should be accompanied by a one-time purchase fee that entitles the purchaser to download software and firmware updates for the lifetime of the registered BreadCrumb. There are no annual renewals for any partner or end-user.

Rajant is continually working on enhancing the existing firmware by adding the latest protocols and features and making performance enhancements with several new releases per year thus maintaining and enhancing the network performance of all of our customers.

The top three benefits of the LSU plan are:

1. LSU provides a simplified process for obtaining Software Update entitlement via a one-time purchase per BreadCrumb.
2. LSU prevents possible loss of access to software updates.
3. LSU ensures the network can always operate on the latest software.

BreadCrumbs that were purchased prior to this offering that have an active Annual Software Update entitlement can be upgraded to the Lifetime entitlement by paying the cost of the Lifetime entitlement minus the prorated balance of the remaining annual benefit and your Rajant Sales Director and/or Authorized Rajant Distributor can assist you with this.

We know that budget may not be in place or flexible enough to allow a switch to this new plan right away so we will continue to accept orders for Annual Software Update (ASU) until December 31, 2019. Starting on January 1, 2020, Annual Software Updates will no longer be offered by Rajant. Every new BreadCrumb® purchase should include the purchase of Lifetime Software Updates. Deployed products that currently do not have an Annual Software Update entitlement can now be covered by purchasing the Lifetime Software Update entitlement at the standard discounted price.

Note that LSU does not include technical support. There is a new technical support plan offering called BC Assurance, which includes an annual preventative analysis and paid support which will be introduced later this year. 🖉