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September 24, 2019

Rajant’s Upstream Oil & Gas Process Optimization at DUG Eagle Ford 2019

Rajant Corporation, the exclusive provider of Kinetic Mesh wireless networks is presenting their optimized upstream processes for onshore oil and gas. Rajant, along with distribution partner Tessco and integrator partner Winn-Marion, will demonstrate how Rajant is delivering fully mobile, mission-critical data, video, and voice communications O & G enterprises require in rugged and remote environments. All three companies will be at DUG Eagle Ford 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, September 24th-26th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Center, Booth 641.

Rajant’s multi-band, multi-radio network optimally overcomes interference in dense fracking operations, unleashing newfound economic viability for legacy oil and gas wells. Moreover, Rajant enables downhole pump control from a central command center by providing connectivity over hundreds to thousands of square miles to improve well production rates. Rajant’s proven military and mining applications can withstand the harshest oilfield climate conditions with environmentally sealed and ruggedized nodes, known as BreadCrumbs® running on patented InstaMesh® software. With no single point of failure and self-healing capabilities, Rajant ensures the uptime of mission-critical applications running across expansive oil and gas operations.

Products on display and recommend for sale via Rajant’s sales channel are the KM3, JR3, and ES1. The KM3 is intended for deployment inside pre-existing outdoor NEMA enclosures, and the JR3 provides reliable edge connectivity, extending network reach and mobility. Rajant’s newest BreadCrumb, the ES1, is an IP67 network device intended for use in IIoT applications and light-duty vehicles.

On representing Rajant’s products, Scott Adams of Winn-Marion shared, “I would like to thank our amazing partners, Rajant and Tessco, for allowing me to join them this year at DUG 2019 in San Antonio. Winn-Marion provides full state-of-the-art automation solutions through superior sales, service, and innovation with an unmatched commitment to quality. Winn-Marion proudly serves the communications, industrial and semiconductor process markets with winning technologies as Rajant offers.”

Al Rivero, PE is Rajant’s Director of Sales for Oil and Gas will be on-hand beginning today at DUG Eagle Ford 2019. According to Al, “I’m excited to be here at DUG Eagle Ford with our partners Scott Adams of Winn-Marion and Steve Hirsh of Tessco. Our goal is to introduce to the industry Rajant’s latest products aimed at the oil and gas segment and to show our delivery, distribution, and technology scale. The KM3, JR3, and the ES1 represent products built on Rajant’s foundation of supporting mission-critical communication. Rajant partners, as represented by Winn-Marion and Tessco, are qualified to provide the same level of performance and care as Rajant could directly. It’s a privilege to be at DUG Eagle Ford together.”