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Company Overview

Rajant is the exclusive provider of private wireless Kinetic Mesh® networks powered by BreadCrumb® wireless nodes and patented InstaMesh® software. Customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable, scalable network leveraging the power of real-time data.


Brochure Breadcrumb Comparison Thmb

BreadCrumb Comparison Brochure

The power of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® network lies in our wireless BreadCrumbs: the compact, lightweight, industrial-grade nodes that form this agile, adaptable wireless infrastructure. Use this brochure to compare the features and functionality of our wireless BreadCrumb offerings.



Rajant’s next generation cryptographic module technology, the Wolverine solution, is a fully programmable multi-chip design that leverages commercially sourced System On a Chip (SoC) FPGA and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) network processor.


Brochure Equestrian


Rajant’s EquineView™ provides a robust and fully mobile wireless networking solution to enable livestreaming and archiving of video, vitals, and locations of horses in competition, at rest, and at work in diverse disciplines.



Rajant’s private wireless network meets all the vital communications requirements to support the setup of emergency medical spaces, offering a rapidly deployable, self-healing, and highly secure solution to connect field hospitals and other temporary triage centers.


Road Works In The City. Working On Special Equipment Cut Off The Old Asphalt On A Sunny Summer Day

Heavy Construction

Rajant Kinetic Mesh gives heavy construction jobsites a better network alternative: one that’s easily deployable and rapidly scalable to expand base station range in any direction, while providing high data throughput and continuous connectivity for numerous efficiency-transforming site applications.


Brochure Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh empowers those charged with industrial security to gain comprehensive, real-time situational awareness across their entire environment – keeping people safe and systems secured by powering physical security assets & protecting the sensitive data they hold.


Refinery Plant At Twilight .

Oil & Gas – Downstream

With Rajant’s intelligent network, downstream operations can optimally support smart devices and IIoT applications for real-time monitoring, analytics, and control of processes across their plants – optimizing their ability to maximize efficiencies and yield.


Oil & Gas – Upstream

Onshore oil & gas operations benefit from the cost savings, efficiency, and safety gains enabled by smart field devices. To fully support these capabilities and future-proof your “SMARTField” communications, you need a network that is equally intelligent.


Open-Pit Mining

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® is the only wireless network that autonomously adapts to operational and environmental change, dynamically evolving to keep applications, equipment, and open-pit mine production running nonstop.



As the petrochemical industry prepares to take advantage of market growth and capitalize on productivity gains, it will need a robust Industry 4.0 ready network, which requires more flexibility than Wi-Fi or two-way radio WAN typically used in such facilities.



Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh is the leading network technology for ports taking steps towards autonomy in their daily operations, providing for ubiquitous, port-wide mobility and unmatched network resiliency – both of which are needed to enable reliable, efficient autonomous processes.


Public Safety

Rajant’s private wireless network is an ideal solution for public safety applications that require real-time situational awareness and mission-critical communications between task forces.



Rail operations are going digital. Rajant’s wireless broadband network is the only RF solution that enables constant communication between train and wayside and within the dynamic environments of ever-moving railyards – because the network itself is dynamic too.



Autonomous robots are changing the way dirty, dull, and dangerous industrial tasks are performed. While robotics platforms come in all shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common: a need for continuous mobile connectivity which only Rajant’s wireless network can provide.


Erlangen Burgbergtunnel Bau

Tunnel Communications

Advances in tunneling technologies have allowed for the construction of new underground facilities that were previously impossible due to the Rajant Kinetic Mesh network capacity and mobility in underground tunnels without expensive cabling.


Underground Mining

Rajant’s industrial wireless mesh networks bring mission-critical connectivity to underground mines without the need for fiber throughout most of your mine. Save significant OPEX and maintenance costs while adding more network capacity and mobility beyond what fiber can effectively support.



Electric utilities can benefit from the cost savings, efficiency, and safety gains enabled by smart devices for remote, real-time grid management. But these new grid devices are only as “smart” as the communications network they run on – and the most intelligent network for the job is Rajant Kinetic Mesh.


Yellow Robotic Arm Carry Cardboard Box In Warehouse

Warehouse Automation

Warehouses must operate at peak efficiency to keep up with growing demands. To optimize, many are turning to robotics and automation. These technologies have a transformative impact on operations—giving new ability to automate tasks, augment productivity, and improve fulfillment.


White Papers


Instamesh Lte Thumb

The Power of Rajant InstaMesh® with LTE/5G

The synthesis of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® and 4G/5G networks, with InstaMesh operating simultaneously over both, to bring an unparalleled combination of coverage, reliability, high throughput, interoperability, connectivity, and low latency.

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Smart Oil Fields

Making Smart Offshore Fields Smarter

Increase productivity, reduced operating costs, and improve worker and data safety with advanced mesh networking solutions. Rajant technology answers these requirements for offshore oil and gas development—creating secure and reliable networks that enable continuous, efficient operations.

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A Tour of Modern AI and Its Commercial Applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making huge headlines around the world. But, what is the practical reality of AI as a game-changer in various industries for solving real-world problems? Before tackling these questions, it’s useful to gain some insight into what AI is all about.

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Powering the Future of Precision Farms

In this white paper, we’ll discuss the vision for the future of Precision Farming and how it can be made a reality with the right network: one that is as equally autonomous as the assets it must support.

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Enabling the Connected Port of Things

In this eBook, we discuss how a Living Network™ addresses the top 5 challenges of port networking today – so that port operators can bring IoT to life in their dynamic and ever-moving environment.

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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks: Untraditional for Good Reason

Rajant wireless mesh networks are not traditional mesh networks. This paper explores the challenges of traditional wireless networks, particularly when it comes to mobility, and how Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks overcome connectivity challenges by employing our unique InstaMesh® networking software.

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Security and Surveillance Application Note

The need for wirelessly transporting multimedia data over wide area networks has been the call of our age. We discuss the unique advantages of using Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks for security, video and surveillance applications.

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Case Studies


Rajant Streams Slope Style Rails at Aspen Open

The 2020 Aspen Open provided the perfect showcase to demonstrate the versatility of Rajant Kinetic Mesh. See how our technology was used to support live video feeds of competitors’ runs for accurate judging, delivering high bandwidth and reliable performance on the mountain.

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Infographic Oil Gas Environmentalism Thmb

Putting Energy Into Environmentalism

See the technologies that Oil & Gas leaders are using to put a stop to leaking costs and carbon – and the data that shows how more efficient operations directly lead to reduced environmental impact.

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Destination: Smart Transportation

Every city today is looking for ways to become ‘smarter’, with transportation as a key focal point. Discover how you can set your mass transit roadmap in motion with Rajant.

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