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The Orange Box Kids

“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” David Thomas, PRESIDENT OF MOREHOUSE COLLEGE

Emblazoned as most meaningful and enduring for many of us are the moments in life where we’ve done a kindness for another. Giving the next generation, our children, the gift of giving through the creation of volunteer opportunities is to bless them with a memory that will last a lifetime. This was the cornerstone behind the making of Rajant’s five promotional “I Want to Be an Orange Box Kid” videos.

To draw attention and interest to the November 8th Rajant World Music Benefit for UNICEF, Rajant and UNICEF USA gave their time to communicate the rich history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s role in the creation of UNICEF’s “little orange boxes”. Both adults and children graciously participated in sharing stories of humanitarian aid #ForEveryChild. Hours spent together were full of laughs and smiles, which radiate through each short promo spot.

Malvern, Rajant’s global headquarters, is a Philadelphia suburb and home of the “Orange Box Kids”. Dating back to the 1950s, youngsters would carry the little orange UNICEF boxes door-to-door at Halloween collecting money for less fortunate children worlds away. At the time, the coins and dollars went to offset extreme childhood hunger and vulnerability brought about by World War II. Today, the spirit of “Orange Box Kids” drives online UNICEF donations contributing to much-needed funding to serve 190+ countries and territories to reach children in greatest need.

The videos’ “Big Kids” included Robert Schena, Brad Feick, Teresa DelCampo, and UNICEF USA’s AJ Jacob and Sherrie Streit Ager. The child “Orange Box” rock stars were Catherine Ager, Carly, Ronan, and Troy DelCampo, Lena and Franco Estrada, and Luxor and Starlyn O’Toole.

  • “Nostalgically, I was in fact, an ‘Orange Box Kid’,” shared Brad Feick. “We have it good compared to many others, and it doesn’t take much to help. Carrying the spirit forward from the Concert for Bangladesh to Live Aid to Band Aid motivated me to participate in Rajant’s UNICEF videos and perform during the November 8th fundraiser. My favorite part of the entire filming day was when I made a mistake while recording. The children’s laughter over my error was infectious. You can’t help but smile.”
  • According to Teresa DelCampo, “My daughter Carly wanted to be in the video to help other children. The bonus was filming with Brad because he was funny. Carly hopes people will donate money to the kids.” As for me, “I believe in the power of community. Being a part of Rajant’s company-wide fundraiser makes us a part of something bigger. Filming with my children and my co-workers’ children to inspire donations and volunteerism is the nudge that can begin a movement.”
  • “Sharing my passion for UNICEF with the wider Rajant community was my motivation to participate in the videos,” stated AJ Jacob. “UNICEF staff make it our mission to pursue a better world for every child relentlessly, and we won’t stop until every child is healthy, educated, protected, and respected. I always cherish the opportunity to educate others about UNICEF’s work in hopes of widening support for this incredible organization. Seeing the genuine excitement in the eyes of the children participating displayed their great empathy. Young people are often not hardened to the world’s injustices the way many of us are as adults. It is always inspiring to see the enthusiasm they bring to support UNICEF’s work – it reaffirms my faith in the next generation’s ability to carry this mission forward.”

You, too, can be an “Orange Box Kid”. Purchase a ticket to the “live” November 8th musical event. Be a sponsor or contribute a silent auction item to raise funds. Or, go directly to the donation page and make a difference #ForEveryChild today.
Rajant thanks you!!!