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Operating Environments September 3, 2015  |  Written by

BT Taps Rajant for Deeper Penetration into the Operating Environments of Customers

Almost five-billion connected “things” exist today, and that number will grow to 25-billion by 2020, according to market research firm Gartner.

It’s precisely because of the burgeoning number of connected devices, and the huge potential for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), that BT and Rajant have struck a partnership that brings Rajant’s kinetic mesh technology to BT’s network capabilities.

Rajant makes mobile, scalable and highly reliable kinetic wireless mesh network technology, which provides an always-on communications network so critical applications can be accessed in real time.

Both companies serve a number of customers in industries such as industrial wireless, oil and gas, mining and military. These customers face the difficulty of operating in environments that tend to lack mobility, scalability, bandwidth, redundancy and resiliency. It’s also imperative that they gather real-time data on the performance of equipment to meet maintenance and safety requirements, and for competitive advantage.

The Rajant/BT partnership solves those issues by allowing customers to focus on their core competencies while entrusting their communications networks to partners who have successfully tested their technologies in extreme conditions.

Partnering with Rajant extends BT’s reach literally to the coal face so that the full suite of managed IT services – from the very latest collaboration technologies to cloud-based services – can be available to mines, oil fields and other operational environments. This is an important step in making the IoT a reality for customers operating in difficult and challenging environments in many industries.

These services and applications will be secure and accessible in real-time so companies can analyze data for better decision-making and performance.

This is a historic day for Rajant because it extends our broad footprint in industrial applications even further and aligns our company with a top global player in BT. We’re very excited to move forward.

To learn more, please see this video.

Gary Anderson is Senior Vice President of Rajant Corporation, a private wireless network provider and mobile networking pioneer.

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