Anywhere Emergency Response Shelter and Communications in an Instant

Anywhere Emergency Response Shelter and Communications in an Instant

Emergency Response Shelter

Mobile field hospitals, disaster recovery centers, and emergency shelters are required in emergencies, and the need for a wireless, easily deployable network becomes mission critical. Providing optimal, ultra-reliable network connectivity, Rajant teamed up with strategic partners, Western Shelter and Dejero, to offer a tailor-made “Rapid Shelter and Network Deployment Kit.”

Whether a rigid or inflatable framed shelter, running Ethernet cables to every device in temporary spaces is not only time-consuming but can create safety hazards for frontline personnel and civilians moving across the site. It also does not provide the most optimal Wi-Fi capability unless Wi-Fi access points are installed using a cable. Having a safe and comfortable environment for frontline response equipped with instant, anywhere voice, video, and data is what this Kit provides.

The Rapid Shelter and Network Deployment Kit is to be used internationally and will provide private wireless network communications between field hospitals, command centers, and any variety of mobile sites, along with ultra-reliable, multi-network cellular backhaul. Serving as an essential product during emergency response situations, the Kit is built like other Rajant-related solutions to withstand any challenge, whether RF congestion, harsh weather, or unsuitable infrastructure.

World-leading critical network communications

Creating the kits and pre-configuring all units to connect out-of-the-box, wireless distributor Connectronics included three ES1-2450R BreadCrumb® radios in each base kit. The radios are accompanied with a Dejero GateWay network aggregation device to provide smart cellular bonding for high-capacity instant backhaul, remote support, tripod speaker stands, a storage case, ethernet cables, zeroize cables, AC/DC plus DC/DC POE, antennas, lifetime software/firmware support, and post-sales support.

By joining forces with the world leading Dejero and Western Shelter, the Kit is the first of its kind to offer a complete wireless communication solution, including cellular backhaul and Rajant’s unique Kinetic Mesh® network to connect all remote sites while providing easily deployable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unwavering Wi-Fi access.

Deployed without the need for any additional cabling, safety hazards are minimized without any potential negative impact to the Kit’s network quality. Additionally, the network is equipped with United States government-level encryption, which also meets HIPAA requirements.

Ensuring self-optimizing connectivity with Kinetic Mesh

By utilizing Rajant’s scalable Kinetic Mesh, immediate deployment and dependable mobility are ensured, which are paramount in emergencies when time-effectiveness and reliability are imperative. Additionally, Rajant’s innovative BreadCrumb nodes ensure that the Kit is the only network in the world to enable machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Most importantly, the network is self-optimizing and does not need to be maintained by anyone externally, ensuring continuous, reliable, and autonomous connectivity in any emergency. The nodes can be easily affixed to stationary and moving equipment and vehicles to provide real-time communications for emergency services and public safety personnel.

Western Shelter has extensive experience in supporting dependable field applications, ranging from temporary shelter systems like housing camps, bases of operation, and mobile field hospitals. In partnership with Rajant and Dejero, it will ensure rapid and reliable deployment to critical personnel with a network that can deliver a fully mobile, adaptable, and redundant connection.

Rajant is honored to join forces with other frontline response premier supplies to develop the Rapid Shelter and Network Deployment Kit. The Kit will equip medical, safety, and security personnel with simple, scalable, and instantaneous wireless communications anywhere frontline response is needed, enabling life-saving technology to function. Deployable in a matter of minutes without any engineering assistance, the Rapid Shelter and Network Deployment Kit can maintain connectivity in extreme conditions when every minute counts. 🖉