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This commercial-grade Kinetic Mesh® network device is ideal for IIoT applications and deployment on light-duty vehicles, operating in challenging network environments that can utilize a less ruggedized solution.


The award-winning ES1 BreadCrumb comes in a compact, lightweight, IP67 package that provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi access point interfaces to enable data, voice, and video applications without the need for squid cables and with multiple mounting options. Combining Kinetic Mesh backhaul, Wi-Fi access, and Layer 2 switching across interfaces in a single device, it is an ideal solution to expand existing network coverage. It offers the same robust reliability and security of all Rajant’s BreadCrumbs to support IIoT applications used in seaports, airports, oil & gas, solar, wind, smart cities, and public safety.

Astors 2020 Platinum Award Security Today GOVIES Award

Why choose the ES1 BreadCrumb for your network?


The ES1 is a commercial-grade version of our BreadCrumb ME4, providing all of the same performance and capabilities in a compact, lightweight form factor that can still withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock.

IP67 for Outdoor Deployments

-40 °C to +60 °C (-40 ºF to 140 ºF) temperature range; optional DIN rail mount kit for existing NEMA enclosures

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Radio Frequencies

Supports a wide variety of IIoT applications in traditionally hard-to-network industrial environments

Robust Security for Any Application

Supports cryptographic options used for data and MAC-address encryption and per-hop, per-packet authentication

Lightweight and Portable Design

Offers the flexibility of multiple mounting options, making it ideal for deployment on light-duty vehicles

IIoT Enabled Resource Center

Rajant for IIoT

How are Rajant Wireless Networks Enabling the IIoT?

Rajant frees all network elements to move, interconnect, and intelligently adapt to change to keep mission-critical operations moving – all while meeting growing IIoT application and mobility demands.

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Rajant BreadCrumb®
ES1 Spec Sheet

Why is the ES1 ideal for IIoT applications and light-duty vehicles? Download our spec sheet to see how it operates in even the most challenging network environments that can utilize a less ruggedized solution.

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