Livestream Video & Data from Performance Horses, Anywhere They Go

Livestream Video & Data from Performance Horses, Anywhere They Go


Rajant’s EquineView™ provides a robust and fully mobile wireless networking solution to enable live-streaming and archiving of video, vitals, and locations of horses in competition, at rest, and at work in diverse disciplines.

The technology has broad applicability in giving you real-time, up-close views of horse health and performance: whether covering fast-paced equestrian events, streaming video from the horse’s eye perspective, tracking their whereabouts as they graze, or monitoring their fitness as they work.


Envision the Applications

The shrinking size and diversity of smart sensors today provide near limitless opportunities for real-time monitoring and tracking, even of highly mobile animals like horses. At the same time, the next generation of broadcast television, based on Internet Protocol (IP), just like online video services, is bringing new opportunities to provide a more interactive and immersive experience to viewers.

EquineView enables horse owners, riders, and trainers, as well as equestrian event managers, to take advantage of these new technologies, providing a complete solution with the network mobility and bandwidth to support high-resolution live-streaming of data and video, without drops, even in motion and at high speeds.


Livestream, Televise, or Record from the Horse’s Eye View

Using a small camera with pan, tilt, and roll stabilization mounted to the horse’s bridle, EquineView can enable high-definition video from the horse’s perspective, which can be streamed for live events and/or archived for later review and training purposes.

This provides a new and unique perspective to spectators of equestrian events both on-site or watching remotely, helping them feel part of the action. For example, during a race or polo match, viewers can go online and drill down to their favorite horse to see the competition from their perspective. Riders, owners, and trainers can also watch this footage after the event to understand the horse’s performance and reactions to inform future training strategies…

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