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Made In America May 18, 2012  |  Written by

Made in America

As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently accompanied Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and a contingent of Pennsylvania companies on a trade mission through Europe, where we met with an impressive roster of European companies and trade organizations, including a number of automakers. The five-day mission was designed to increase Pennsylvania exports to France and Germany, as well as encourage direct foreign investment into the state.

With exports to both France and Germany showing strong increases over the past two years, it’s important to maintain relationships and allow companies to expand the market for their goods and services.

Much of the same interest that we see for Rajant technology is mirrored overseas. Oil and gas exploration is in high gear throughout the continent, and the need to secure vital infrastructure is a recognized priority. European automakers are taking the lead in Intelligent Auto technology, which will require multi-frequency broadband networking for both vehicles and roadside infrastructure. And, as counter-terrorism and military technologies become more sophisticated, mesh networking will play an important role in early-warning systems worldwide.

Despite what the pundits may say, there remains strong interest in American made goods and services. Our brand is strong. What is needed are more initiatives like this one to link American entrepreneurs and innovators with the foreign entities that can benefit from our offerings. Hats off to Governor Corbett and his office for embracing this vision and providing such an opportunity for American businesses.

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