Rajant Kinetic Mesh® for Healthcare:
The Agile Network to Enable Rapid Deployment of Emergency Care Communications

Rajant’s private wireless network meets all the vital communications requirements to support the critical setup of emergency medical spaces, offering a rapidly deployable, self-healing, and highly secure solution to connect field hospitals, inflatable emergency shelters, and other temporary triage centers.

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Recent healthcare crises like the onset and global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have highlighted how easily the medical system’s capacity can be overrun. It is critical that hospitals have a means of rapidly deploying additional temporary medical space during times when existing beds and capacity are being taxed – and key to those setups is a communications network that can readily connect healthcare workers within the triage space and back to personnel at the main hospital location. In these situations, every minute counts, and that’s why Rajant’s network is needed.

network for mobile healthcare connectivity

Architected for Immediate Ad Hoc Deployment Virtually Anywhere

In times of crisis, emergency medical care locations will often be set up where available to urgently meet the demand. From emergency medical tents and inflatable hospital shelters right outside of a medical facility to state fairgrounds, convention centers, recently vacated buildings, schools, and recreation centers, Rajant BreadCrumb® nodes can be used to fill gaps in coverage where other network systems do not or cannot reach, providing instant expansion of coverage. The network can operate as standalone infrastructure for a tented shelter with an on-site server or link via PTP or LTE back to distant hospital locations. It can also integrate with the existing communications infrastructure used by a temporarily repurposed building.

network for temporary triage center

Kinetic Mesh can deployed at pop-up hospitals located long distances away from the main hospital facility, with backhaul connection made via PTP link or LTE. Alternatively, it can operate as standalone infrastructure with an on-site server and no connection to the hospital.

emergency care communications convention center

Additionally, Rajant’s network can be deployed in large indoor settings temporarily repurposed for triage. BreadCrumbs can be deployed on tripods or affixed to existing poles and rails, and the network integrates with the existing communications infrastructure used by the building.


Provide Comprehensive Coverage to Triage Care Teams

Not only does Rajant have the critical deployment speed needed to extend your data network to temporary facilities, fast; it also provides robust coverage for the range of emergency healthcare workers’ needs. Kinetic Mesh provides wireless backhaul and Wi-Fi access in one, so they gain connectivity for VoIP telephones and private Wi-Fi to connect tablets and laptops. This gives them real-time access to patient records, digital imaging, prescription portals, and more – all in a secure manner and without the need for cabling which can create safety hazards. What’s more, the network enables the ability to track and locate equipment using AeroScout asset tags, so they always know where their needed resources are.

thermal imaging enablement

Support Patient Screening with “Rajant Hotzone” Thermal Imaging Enablement

An important application supported by Rajant’s rapidly deployed network kit is patient temperature screening via thermal imaging by infrared cameras. These cameras can be set up with ES1 BreadCrumbs on tripods or affixed to existing infrastructure around the temporary medical center, with real-time heat-based imaging of incoming patients streamed to a monitor for screening. The imaging can be used to identify individuals with elevated body temperature that could indicate an active infection, acting as a first line of defense to control spread while aiding patient management.

Thermal cameras with DX2 BreadCrumbs can alternatively be attached to drones flying less than 200 feet, also capturing and transmitting body temperatures in a targeted zone.

This “Rajant Hotzone” capability can also be extended beyond crisis environments, enabling thermal cameras to aid in screening of employees’ temperatures as they come back to work, per CDC guidelines, prior to entering buildings and other workspaces.

With Rajant, emergency care communications are never hindered, but rather optimized in real-time, to prevent loss of lives in situations where every minute counts.

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Order Your Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit Today

Rajant has developed a package to help hospitals quickly deploy a private wireless network for mobile field hospitals and inflatable emergency shelters. It includes:


  • Rajant ES1-2450R BreadCrumbs with integrated antennas
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) injectors (these require 120/240-volt AC power)
  • Pop-up self-supporting tripods

Crash Cart/Med Equipment Connectivity

  • Rajant JR3-52 BreadCrumbs with integrated antenna
  • Power cables

Deployment Guide

  • Documents how to deploy and configure an instant Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network
  • 24×7 toll-free number for support

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does this system take to deploy?
    A: As little as 30 to 60 minutes.

    Q: How are the devices managed?
    A: Rajant has a best-in-class network management software called BC Commander, which is free with the purchase of BreadCrumbs. BC Enterprise can also be used for remote cloud-based support.

    Q: How much configuration is necessary?
    A: BreadCrumbs will connect to one another right out of the box. If you want to assign IP addresses, create VLANs, modify buffer sizes or set up network security, this is all done via BC Commander.

    Q: Can the network scale larger than what is shown in the diagrams?
    A: Yes, you can add as many of these kits together as you need. Furthermore, you can make as many ingress/egress points between your Rajant network and your LAN as you need to accommodate bandwidth requirements. Wi-Fi access is limited to 20 clients per BreadCrumb.

    Q: How secure are the Rajant BreadCrumbs?
    A: From AES 256 to peer to peer encryption, Rajant has our own crypto team to ensure every connection is secure.

    Q: Who can deploy the network?
    A: Rajant has a global network of partners who are trained on deploying Rajant networks.

    Q: Where can Rajant networks be deployed?
    A: In addition to emergency medical spaces set up both indoors and outdoors, Kinetic Mesh can be used to connect pop-up and drive-through testing centers like those used for COVID-19, for temporary loan centers, and pop-up locations for other emergency services.