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Encased in magnesium and weighing in at only 123g, the BreadCrumb DX2 is designed for private wireless networks on lightweight autonomous vehicles and integrates seamlessly with all Rajant BreadCrumb models to form a complete solution.


The DX2’s small footprint and very low payload weight make it ideal for drone swarms, small robots, remote CCTV, telematics monitoring, and more. Extremely mobile and completely adaptive for both military and commercial applications, its pocket-sized form factor includes a MIMO-antenna system and Ethernet and WiFi Access Point interfaces to enable data, voice, and video applications.

Phenomenal Power in a Small Package

The portable, wireless mesh DX2 network node contains one transceiver and two external antenna ports, and is designed for compatibility with all other Rajant BreadCrumbs.

Extremely Lightweight

Small enough to fit into a pocket, light enough to attach to a drone or small robot

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Radio Frequencies

Flexibility to support a wide variety of applications and environments

Mobile and Adaptable

Designed and built to be extremely mobile and completely adaptive

Robust Security for Any Application

Multiple cryptographic options, MAC-address encryption, per-hop, per-packet authentication

DX2 & Robotic Resource Center

mesh-based drone network video

How Rajant Enables Mesh-Based Drone Networks

See how Rajant BreadCrumbs enable a highly mobile, reliable, secure network that supporting mission-critical security operations that utilize drone swarms.

Watch How

Rajant BreadCrumb®
DX2 Spec Sheet

Why is the DX2 ideal for lightweight robotic vehicles? Download our spec sheet to see how this small node brings the big performance of InstaMesh®.

Download Spec Sheet

Rajant BreadCrumb®
DX2 Start Guide

Download our 11-page quick guide, created to help end-users get started as efficiently and effectively as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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