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Rajant has teamed up with xCraft to provide a rugged, durable octo-copter that can fly both indoors and outdoors with extended flight time.


xCraft’s MATRIX R, powered with Rajant’s DX2, is a great choice for many military, commercial, and industrial applications, such as search and rescue, surveying and mapping, tactical operations, and infrastructure and right-of-way inspection.

xcraft matrix r drone powered by rajant

Create a Network Where None Existed Before

The MATRIX R—a line-of-sight tactical drone with a flight time of more than 40 minutes and payload capacity of over four pounds—is powerful, efficient, and designed to meet your endurance and payload demands. This drone comes with an integrated Rajant InstaMesh® Breadcrumb® radio and a powerful 4K gimbaled camera with 3.5x zoom. Several optional payloads are available, including Velodyne LIDAR as well as thermal, IR, EO, and multispectral cameras. An SUI controller and Android tablet are included with each MATRIX R package to provide powerful, comfortable flight control with real-time video streaming.


Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rajant Private Wireless Networks: Powering Drones to Transform the Safety and Efficiency of Remote and Dangerous Operations

The Rajant-equipped xCraft MATRIX R enables air-to-air and air-to-ground communication and can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing Rajant network to enable lives-streaming and edge processing via aerial applications. Drone applications are applicable to all markets, including military, mining, oil & gas, utilities, public safety, agriculture, and many others.

xCraft Rajant Network Diagram

MATRIX R Package Inclusions:

  • MATRIX R X8 aircraft with Rajant BreadCrumb
  • 4K camera with zoom
  • Gimbal
  • SUI controller
  • Android tablet
  • Two 1200 mAh batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Custom hard case
  • User manual and quick start guide

Optional Payloads:

  • FLIR® Hadron™: RGB/thermal (EO/IR) camera
  • NextVision Colibri: EO/IR stabilized camera,160g
  • Micasense Altum: simultaneous thermal and multispectral imagery for agriculture
  • Velodyne LIDAR: imaging through light detection and ranging

Download the xCraft MATRIX R Spec Sheet to Learn More


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Learn how the xCraft MATRIX R and Rajant’s mission-critical, fully mobile Kinetic Mesh network can help you create a network where none has existed before.

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