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Rajant has teamed up with xCraft to provide an instant always-on network connection at altitudes up to 400′ to provide fixed network connectivity in remote to reach areas.


xCraft’s PANADRONE R, powered with Rajant’s DX2, is a great choice for applications requiring fully automated operation. With the push of a button, the drone is deployed, takes flight, and captures video. It automatically descends to home on command.

xcraft panadrone r powered by rajant

Create a Network at the Click of a Button with xCraft PANADRONE R

The PANDARONE R—a 400-foot tethered drone with virtually unlimited flight time—is powerful, fully automated, and deployed with the click of a button. This drone comes with an integrated Rajant InstaMesh® Breadcrumb® radio and a powerful 4K gimbaled camera with 3.5x zoom. Several optional payloads are available including thermal, IR, EO, and multispectral cameras. Flying up to a 400-foot altitude, the PANDARONE R can capture high-resolution video and serve as a mesh network node for maximum coverage. Video from the drone is relayed to the tablet via a secure Rajant Mesh connection. Simple controls allow the operator to change altitude, pan or tilt the camera, and initiate landing. The nest is essentially a ground-based robot that houses a full automation system, tether power and control, HVAC, and precision landing beacon. The drone includes a backup battery to ensure a safe return if tether power is lost.

Air-to-Air Communications

Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rajant Private Wireless Networks Powering Drones to Transform the Safety and Efficiency of Remote and Dangerous Operations

The Rajant-equipped xCraft PANADRONE R enables air-to-air and air-to-ground communication and can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing Rajant network to enable lives-streaming and edge processing via aerial applications. Drone applications are applicable to all markets, including military, mining, oil & gas, utilities, public safety, agriculture, and many others.

xCraft Rajant Network Diagram

PANADRONE R Package Inclusions:

  • PANADRONE package with Rajant BreadCrumb
  • PANADRONE climate-controlled nest
  • 4K camera with zoom
  • Gimbal
  • Android tablet
  • Custom hard carry case
  • Two extra propeller sets
  • User manual and quick start guide

Optional Payloads:

  • FLIR® Hadron™: RGB/thermal (EO/IR) camera
  • NextVision Colibri: EO/IR stabilized camera,160g
  • Velodyne LIDAR: imaging through light detection and ranging

Download the xCraft PANADRONE R Spec Sheet to Learn More

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