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AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREVENT Ensure Peak Efficiency of Your Mesh Network with BC|Assurance

BC|Assurance for Kinetic Mesh® networks, running version 11.22 or newer of Rajant’s InstaMesh firmware, is a technical support program that provides a variety of tools to address the health of a network and includes personal assistance from Rajant technical experts on network performance issues in a proactive and reactive manner from behind the scenes.

All networks go through gradual, incremental negative changes that cause it to diverge from an established baseline over time. This is known as Network Drift and happens due to geographical changes in topology, RF interference, the addition of new applications, equipment add-ons, inconsistent configuration, power outages, and general outdoor wear and tear on radio accessories.

Knowing Network Drift will eventually happen, BC|Assurance was developed to help prevent issues and potential costs of Network Drift before they occur. The proactive, technical support program contains a variety of tools to address the health of a wireless network and provides the opportunity for network diagnostics and corrective conversations to take place to amend the situation before it worsens.

BC|Assurance Elements

  • Kinetic Mesh Snapshot Summary
  • Kinetic Mesh Detail Report
  • Hourly Support

Awareness of network drift combined with the customized proof case of their Kinetic Mesh deployment will save hardship and costs inattention can bring.

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