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Get Greater Administrative Control with BC|Commander Network Management

Gain confident control of your Kinetic Mesh® network with Rajant’s easy-to-use BC|Commander monitoring and management application, and optimize long-term management time and costs.

BC|Commander establishes secure, encrypted links to each node in the Kinetic Mesh® network, which allows operators to gain a complete view of their BreadCrumb-based network topology. Available for workstations running either Microsoft Windows® or Linux®, this software enables point-and-click configuration for ease of management and rapid scalability.


Gain Real-Time Views of Your Network

BC|Commander graphically depicts network topology at any given time, whether nodes are fixed, wireless, or in motion. Real-time mapping of BreadCrumbs allows administrators to see exactly where and how their network is connecting even as devices move throughout the environment. It also provides real-time RF status information for mesh and client links, and generates network analysis and configuration reports.

Click to Configure and Scale

Configure features for multiple BreadCrumbs at once—including radio settings, mesh encryption and authentication, VLANs, InstaMesh settings and more—and spin out new nodes almost instantaneously. BreadCrumbs automatically look for peers and will begin communicating immediately, making set up minimal. Client link security can also be configured up to WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (802.11i Enterprise). BC|Commander makes it easy to monitor and optimize any BreadCrumb-based network as the network evolves.

Download the BC|Commander Spec Sheet to Learn More