BCAPI - Rajant Corporation

Network Management Tools Add Functionality with BCAPI, Rajant's BreadCrumb® API for Customization

Rajant’s BreadCrumb Application Program Interface (BCAPI) provides an added measure of flexibility and customization for customers who require specialized applications on their Kinetic Mesh® networks.


The Java-based BCAPI manages configuration and reads the state of any BreadCrumb wireless network node. Leveraging the BCAPI, users can develop customized management and monitoring applications – from graphical displays and configuration utilities and alarms to data management apps.


BCAPI applications include:

Graphical Display Applications
These applications show network topology, connections, maps and parameters such as channel, signal strength, connection, security, etc.

Configuration and Alarm Applications
Set BreadCrumb configurations and create alarms or other functionality based on configurable thresholds for many network and BreadCrumb parameters.

Data Management Applications
Third party applications can be created using BCAPI to log, sort, forward or store network and BreadCrumb parameters.