Why Rapidly Deploying a Network is Mission-Critical in Public Safety Communications

When Every Second Counts—Why Rapidly Deploying an Agile Network is Mission-Critical in Public Safety Communications

Public Safety

First responders, emergency response teams, and other public safety personnel have many critical needs to worry about: reliable communications should not be one of them. Unfortunately, they are often dealing with an array of different communications mechanisms, each used for various tasks. Disintegration causes gaps in coverage and fragments much needed visibility into incidents and events. What’s needed is a network to rapidly fill those voids: Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

Rajant’s private wireless network is an ideal solution for public safety applications that require real-time situational awareness and mission-critical communications between task forces. Whether used by police and fire departments to optimize deployment of security or emergency response resources, or by bomb squads and HAZMAT teams to operate robotics that disarm and dispose of hazardous packages or materials, Kinetic Mesh provides the resilient, high-throughput connectivity they require—when and where they need it.

That is because Rajant Kinetic Mesh integrates seamlessly with other communications systems, from LTE to satellite, and can be rapidly deployed ad hoc without the need for existing infrastructure.

Multi-radio, Multi-frequency Redundancy to Ensure Mission-critical Reliability

Rajant BreadCrumbs®, can hold multiple connections over multiple frequencies simultaneously, creating hundreds of potential paths over which to direct traffic. Each node has the intelligence of Rajant’s InstaMesh® networking software on board, which dynamically selects the fastest path(s) for delivery from these meshed connections..

As a result, the effects of interference, even in hostile RF environments like those experienced at large events, in underground settings, etc. can be mitigated. If faced with adverse network conditions, signal blockage, or a jammed frequency, InstaMesh will instantly route communications via the next-best available path(s) and/or frequency, ensuring no single point of failure…

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