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Transformative Technologies Products Powered by Rajant

Rajant partners with innovators who make technologies that the leading industrial enterprises rely on to advance in their markets today. Our network powers these innovations and their transformative value.

Products powered by Rajant

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Rajant provides these products with

Instant & always-on network connectivity,

even in the harshest environments

Full mobility with mission-critical reliability

to support true autonomy

Ruggedized, lightweight, and compact nodes

which can be deployed virtually anywhere – on fixed or moving equipment

Seamlessly network scalability

with agile, ad-hoc deployment where needed

The ability to implement

machine-to-machine (M2M) communications

Military-grade network security

with multiple cryptographic options to uphold data integrity and protect sensitive information


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Interested in Rajant’s one-of-a-kind network technology?

Kinetic Mesh extends Wi-Fi speed and capacity while bringing continuous mobile connectivity to enhance LTE—filling the gap with mission-critical coverage and added M2M communications.