Rajant Teams Up with xCraft to Enable Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Communications

Rajant Teams Up with xCraft to Enable Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Communications with the DX2 and xCraft Drones

Xcraft Rajant Dx2

Taking off into the wild blue yonder are the Rajant-equipped xCraft MATRIX R and PANADRONE R, integrated with the DX2, Rajant’s smallest and lightest BreadCrumb®. These powered-by-Rajant drones enable air-to-air and air-to-ground communication with seamless incorporation into any existing Rajant network. Live-streaming and edge processing via aerial applications are enabled for applications in markets including military, mining, O&G, utilities, public safety, agriculture, and many others.

Our strategic partner xCraft is a U.S. company that designs and manufactures the customized Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for enterprise and military markets. Having gained acclaim in October 2015 for their appearance on TV’s “Shark Tank”, xCraft continues to evolve its technology.

Build a Network Where None Existed Before with xCraft MATRIX R

The MATRIX R has the endurance and payload to meet the demands of many military, commercial and industrial applications. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor deployments—including search and rescue, public safety, tactical operations, aerial topography, pipeline inspection, to right-of-way inspections—the MATRIX R is a line-of-sight tactical drone with a flight time of over 40 minutes and a payload capacity of more than four pounds. It is powerful and efficient, designed to meet your endurance demands. An SUI controller and Android tablet are included with each MATRIX R package to provide powerful, comfortable flight control with real-time video streaming.

Create a Network at the Click of a Button with xCraft PANADRONE R

The PANDARONE R—a tethered drone with virtually unlimited flight time—is a powerful, fully automated drone deployed with the touch of a button. It can soar up to a 400-foot altitude while sustaining winds up to 20 mph, capturing high-resolution video and serving as a mesh network node for maximum coverage. Video from the drone is relayed to the tablet via a secure Rajant Mesh connection. Simple controls allow the operator to change altitude, pan or tilt the camera, and initiate landing. The all-weather drone nest is essentially a ground-based robot that houses a full automation system, tether power and control, HVAC, and precision landing beacon. The drone includes a backup battery to ensure a safe return if tether power is lost.

Both drones come with Rajant’s InstaMesh® Breadcrumb radio and a powerful 4K gimbaled camera with 3.5x zoom. Several optional payloads are available, including Velodyne LIDAR as well as thermal, IR, EO, and multispectral cameras.

To learn more about how the xCraft MATRIX R, PANADRONE R and Rajant’s mission-critical, fully mobile Kinetic Mesh network can help you create a network where none has existed before, visit Rajant’s website or contact xCraft directly. 🖉